A Guide for Beginners: on How to Pick a Valorous Agent

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A Guide for Beginners, people all over the world are crazy about Valorant, a game that’s not just about killing bad guys. You need to pick the right person and work together as a group. You can choose from 16 managers, and more are on the way. Now you have to find the right one for you.

A Guide for Beginners: Figuring Out What Agents Do

Agents in Valorant are more than just characters; they also play important parts on the team. You can make a good choice if you know these jobs.

Duelists – People who collect frags

Like the action heroes in Valorant, duelists do cool things. They charge into fight with their guns blazing, ready to get those frags. An archer might be the best job for you if you want to be right in the middle of the action and kill enemies as they come your way.

For example, Jett

Controllers: Masterminds of Strategy

The planners are the controllers. To control the fight, they use skills like flashes, stuns, and smoke. A controller is the best way to play if you like to trick your opponents and make chances for your team.

For example: Omen

Sentinels: those who watch over us

The job of sentinels is to protect. They keep an eye on flanks and anchor sites to make sure your team’s area is safe. Being a sentry might be right for you if you like to stand your ground and help your teammates.

For example, Sage

Initiators: Members of the team

Assisting in the attack are the initiators. To plan plays for their team, they use flashes and gather information. An starter is a good choice if you like being the leader of your team and helping everyone do well.

For example, Sova

Get to know the top five agents.

A Guide for Beginners: Now that you know what each part does, let’s talk about five popular agents:

A Guide for Beginners: Brimstone – The Commander for Tactics

Brimstone could be your best bet if you want to be in charge of your team’s moves.

A Guide for Beginners: Jett: The Quick Killer

Jett is a great duelist because he is fast and agile. She can dash around the map, which makes her perfect for players who like to move quickly and accurately. Jett is the person to be if you want to be a quick killer.

Sage is the protector of health.

Sage is a great choice for a supportive playstyle if you like being very important in keeping your friends alive and well.

A Guide for Beginners: Sova: The One Who Gathers Information

Sova is a leader who is good at getting the team information. He helps plan attacks and catch foes off guard with his recon skills. Sova is the right agent for you if you like keeping an eye on your team and hearing what they say.

Omen – The Strange Controller

Omen is another cool controller that has a mystery feel to it. He is a tough opponent because he can move and block your view. Omen is a good choice if you like to keep your enemies wondering and set the pace of the game.

The most important thing in Valorant is to find an agent that works well with the way you play. There’s an agent for everyone, whether you like to charge in with your guns firing, plan from afar, help your team, or gather important information. Make a smart choice on SLOT SERVER THAILAND and then start the Valorant journey!

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